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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shopping at Martinez Mexican Grocery

I have not been north of town for a while, but I was not surprised when I found that Bargain Barn was gone. I had noticed some time ago that Steve's Specialized Services was renting U-Hauls, and that was one of the businesses that the Bargain Barn had. I was a bit surprised to see that the new occupant was a Mexican grocery.
I stopped in to see what they had and ask questions. They have been open only a few weeks and are not totally stocked. The very friendly lady in charge said that business had been good.
In the front of the store there was a display of Mexican ice cream and frozen treats from Paleteria Azteca that she said were very popular in Chicago. In fact, most of the merchandise comes from Chicago distributors. Also in the front was a display of Mexican bakery goods. I asked how they were different from other bakery goods, and she said the dough was different and they used tropical fruits for flavoring.
I noted that Ayda's had originally opened as both a grocery and a take-out restaurant, and the lady said that she (and her husband?) had been thinking of opening a Mexican grocery, but then did not when Ayda's opened, but now that Ayda abandoned the grocery part, they decided to fill that void.

In the back of the store was the produce section with mangos and other fruits and vegetables popular in Mexican cuisine.
I could not resist a shot of the fruits, which have a number of names, including Mexican husk tomatoes.
The name of the business is Martinez Mexican Grocery and Goodies and it is in the old WRIN building. Have you been there yet?


Anonymous said...

Love Love that store....Everyone who works there is very nice....I will continue to go there weekly for my favorite items.

Anonymous said...

Please list your phone number!!