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Monday, September 14, 2009

Little Cousin Jasper Festival parade

If you missed it, here are highlights from the parade on Sept 12 that was part of the Little Cousin Jasper Festival. It had three bands, the Rensselaer Central High School band, the Saint Joseph's College band, and the South Newton band. I remember years ago when the Rensselaer Central band was bigger and better than the SJC band. Clearly that is no longer true--the SJC band is now very good. Also, I recall when the middle school band used to march in the parade.

Do you remember old parades when the garbage trucks and other city vehicles were in the parade?

As you can tell from the video, I watched the parade with some little kids. Parades are always more fun when you are with kids.

Here is video of the Christmas parade from early in the year, which I think was the last parade in Rensselaer.

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Anonymous said...

You can borrow my kids anytime you plan on watching a parade!!