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Monday, July 13, 2009

Another bank job

For the past several months I have had a number of posts tracking the renovation of the Lafayette Bank and Trust. This morning (July 13, 2009), the bank opened its doors on its newly remodeled quarters. The bank has a completely new look. The old interior was gutted and completely rebuilt. The teller area has been moved 90 degrees, and the corridor to the back offices forms a loop.
The area that had been serving as the temporary teller area will be walled off and will not be used for bank purposes.
I asked what was upstairs, and was told that currently nothing is up there. In the past there were offices there, including one for a commodities broker. I also asked about what the rear building had been in the past but did not get an answer. From the interior one cannot tell that the space is actually part of two buildings, but it seems obvious from the exterior. Anyone know what the history was here?
In other downtown news, the old Unfinished Furniture building is being gutted as it gets remodeled into Devon's Dog House.
And in some news from the outskirts of town, the laying of the pipeline (aka water main) is now completed.

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