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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Topping the elevator

All summer long workers were rebuilding the tops of the grain elevator that is south of the tracks. Most of the time they were doing things that were pretty much invisible from ground level. A couple of weeks ago they brought back the crane and I think they finished putting in the pipes at the top. I have written about this construction a number of places, including here, and more recently here and here. Below is a picture from July 31.
On August 12 I noticed a new structure on the top.On September 7 or 8 the crane was back and the workers were putting in the pipes that live at the top of these structures.
After two days the crane left for a few days and I was wondering if they were done. It seemed that they needed more pipes up there.
Life at the top--I am sure the view is great.
A few days later the crane was back and I took the picture of the guy riding the ball of the crane to the top. He was helping install a pipe that went from the very top to the metal tank shown below.
Click on the any of these pictures to get a bigger and better view.
The day after this picture (I think the 14th), the crane disappeared. The workers are still busy doing things up there, but I cannot tell what it is from the ground.
Soon farmers will be harvesting their fields. Will this elevator be ready to store the grain?

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Anonymous said...

The top of the grain elevator always reminded me of the masts and superstructure of a childhood model of the USS Arizona.