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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Housing construction update

Last Saturday I decided to check out the recent housing starts that I know about in Rensselaer to see if there was much change since the last time I looked at them. I could not see any change in the duplex going up on Rachel since the picture I posted at the end of December.

There is a bit of scaffolding by the Building Trades house on Warner, but it also looks the same from the outside as it did in the picture posted on December 24. Because it is being built by students, it should be the same--the students have only recently gotten back to school.
However, there have been major changes in the new house in Countryside. It was still a wooden skeleton on December 22, the last picture of its construction. You might recognize the bench from this post. If you look carefully you can see a garage that is also under construction on the extreme right of the picture. It has a couple of dormer windows.
Finally, the house at Vine and Monroe now has windows, so the interior has probably changed a lot.
My search for housing progress was not as interesting as I had hoped it to be. However, I did find a new roof being installed. It looks like it is a ceramic roof, but I am pretty sure it is actually a metal roof. Ceramic roofs do not do well here (as Saint Joes has found with the chapel). The freeze-thaw cycles damage them. So while they can last for many, many years in a warm, dry climate, they do not last well here. This house is south of the river.

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Anonymous said...

These shots make me want to go find them. Construction is interesting. This is a good choice for a blog.