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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A three crane day

I was planning to post about the completion of renovation at the larger of Rensselaer's elevators, but yesterday I encountered three cranes as I was out and about, and I feel the urge to write about them.

The first one I saw was at the smaller of the elevators. I took some pictures in the morning, but the pictures I got in the afternoon after work were much better. I think the workers were replacing parts that they took off a couple of weeks ago. I had pretty borings shots until one of the workers decided he needed to ride the crane rather than take the stairs.
Across the street the workers who are remodeling the old tattoo place stopped what they were doing to envy the fun this guy was having. (It will be a two bedroom apartment--I asked. They are almost finished, and there is also a unit upstairs.)
I also thought this was an interesting view of men at work. I wonder if Mike Rowe would like to do something like this.
In late morning I was doing chores that took me out to the hospitals. As I approached, I noticed a second crane working on swimming-pool repairs. I guess I should have waited a day on the post for yesterday.
I did not see what they were using the crane for. Perhaps they will soon be lifting cement from these mixers.
Then I was off to St. Joe via Melville. As I approached the Con Agra popcorn plant, I saw crane number 3, which was lifting things up onto the roof. Looks like a new roof is being installed.
To get to three cranes I did not even have to count this little guy that was lifting bundles of shingles up on a residence. Can you call it a crane?


Sheila said...

How funny! When I got home and saw the shingle bundles on my roof, I wondered how they got them up I know!

reMark said...

The Crane at RCHS was removing the old steel columns from the swimming pool wall.